Shipping Info

All plants are shipped within 15 business days. During this time, we observe the plant and ensure it is ready to withstand the stress of shipment. All shipments are packed carefully with to ensure that you receive your plant in the same quality as if it was purchase it at our local store. Packages are shipped USPS Priority Mail or UPS 3-day delivery. We choose a shipping carrier based on which is recommended for your zip code. All shipments are insured at the rate of $100 dollars per package. If you would like to increase the amount of insurance on your package, please let us know by emailing after making your purchase. Keep in mind that the increase in shipping insurance will result in additional costs that must be paid by the buyer. Shipping is shown as Priority Mail 2-day; however, this is an estimate. Shipping can take between 1-3 days.


Plants can and often do arrive with stress due to shipping. It is normal to expect that plants may lose some leaves during transit.


We are not responsible for damages caused by extreme temperatures. If the temperature for your area is low, we recommend that you buy insulation for each plant you purchase. We also recommend that you purchase a heat pack in addition to insulation when your temperatures are extremely low. If temperatures in your area are too low or too high to ship safely, we will notify you. If you forget to buy insulation or heat pack for your package please contact us immediately at